Deep Water Literary Journal

2015 - Issue 2 - August





Elizabeth Bodien (USA)

All Souls' Night


Chanel Brenner (USA)

Back at the El Encanto Twenty Years Later


Claire Vogel Camargo (USA)

Touching the Edge of Darkness


Saddiq Dzukogi (Nigeria)



S.E. Gale (Australia)

The Reliquary


Gary Glauber (USA)

In Philippa’s Hands




Clare Hepworth-Wain (England)

To mark her passing


Strider Marcus Jones (England)

The Two Saltimbanques


Robert S. King (USA)

Inside a Photograph

The Ghosts of Machu Picchu


Steve Klepetar (USA)

almost from the first

If It Comes to That


Ron. Lavalette (USA)



Sada Malumfashi (Nigeria)



Rasmenia Massoud (France)

Ghosts in My Skin

Open Mike Night


Catfish McDaris (USA)

Gone Amazon

Soldier Blues


Pat J Mullan (Ireland)

Mother Perfection


Christine Murray (Ireland)




Heather Mydosh (USA)



Caleb J. Oakes (USA)

Extended Forms of Hunger

Frown For Me


David O’Neill (Ireland)

Decisions in the Dark Room


Rachel C. Peters (USA)



Mark Antony Rossi (USA)

This Ancient City

Transatlantic Transfiguration


Walter Ruhlmann (France)

Distorted Echo

The Lips of the Wolf


John Saunders (Ireland)

Murphy is Out for the Summer


Terry Savoie (USA)

Buttermilk Poem


Larry Schug (USA)

As If We Were Not Brothers


Pepper Swell (USA)

Cold Fury


The Man in the Black Pyjamas (Ireland)


Welcome to our fifth edition!


Over the past four months, since the opening of our last reading period, we have been honoured to consider several hundred works which have engaged with the darker aspects of our existence. The honesty of the creatives behind these pieces reflects openly in their work, which we hope you will take the time to read and appreciate.


Shortly after the publication of the fourth edition of Deep Water, we migrated our site to a new HTML5 platform, providing a better mobile experience. However, it remains our belief that the online reading experience is best served by viewing on desktop or laptop devices.


We have re-structured the journal to make navigation less of a challenge and hope that you, our valued readers, will find the new format to be a more approachable online experience. Contributors’ bios now appear below their works and all works are accessible from every page.


We are most grateful to all who have engaged with us over the past two years (yes, two years!), and – in particular – all the friends who have offered advice and support for what we try to achieve in publishing the material we source. Our aesthetic continues to evolve. We learn continually from the sincerity of our contributors and will strive to improve our offering. We continue to be amazed, moved and grateful, for the opportunity afforded us by Deep Water and we hope you are equally engaged by the talent on show in this latest incarnation.


Be safe and happy.








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The views expressed in published contributions do not necessarily reflect the views of the editors, or Deep Water Literary Journal (DWLJ). However, we are tolerant of the views of others. Religious, cultural, ethnic, political or any other form of  fanaticism or blatantly extremist views are not acceptable to us or our publication. We will not countenance hate speech of any kind nor will we accept any work which adopts profanity for profanity's sake. Given the nature of DWLJ, adult-appropriate content will appear. All work submitted to us is accepted as the original work of the submitter.




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