Terry Savoie


Buttermilk Poem


           – for former Patient M. of the Mt. Pleasant, Iowa MHI (1971)


As scrawny as a plucked bantam rooster,

                               but that kid knew all about hell on earth

          since he'd been there before he turned seven.


We'd find him leaning up

                               against the locked ward's cement block wall,

          hard asleep


or simply loopy on his cocktail of Haldol, Thorazine & Lithium,

                               which signaled his need for buttermilk,

          cold, ice cold & now


to quiet the open revolt deep inside.

                               He loved that buttermilk as he loved nothing else

          before, loved to toss it back with abandon


& let it slide thick & smooth

                               down his gullet with a few dribbles

          left on his chin, neck & shirt.


Was it the devil inside him made him do it,

                               mangle his knuckles against a concrete block wall

          or kick & break a ward nurse's neck,


but nothing mattered,

                               nothing but his love of buttermilk!




          I'm trying to remember you, M., as you were


the last time I saw you, your birthday,

                               one day before you were to be shipped off

          to the penitentiary for the criminally insane


where the trustees weren't about

                               to treat him with kid gloves.

          It was a cold February Sunday, that day your folks came


to bring you their gift, a dime store fishing pole,

                               seeing how boys need to get out

          & do a little fishing in their spare time, 


as they winked me

                               into their family's conspiratorial circle of trust.

          The deadest part of an Iowa winter, & you were lying there, spread-


eagled in an isolation cell

                               on a cot & in leather, five-point restraints

          when you turned on me with a hiss,


"Fishin's for sissies! Tell 'em that, & kiss

                               their asses for me on the way out! Fuck,

          where's my buttermilk at? Get it & get it quick, you bastard!"

Terry Savoie is retired and lives outside Iowa City, Iowa. More than three hundred of Savoie's poems have been published in literary journals over the past three decades. These include Poetry, The American Poetry Review, Ploughshares, Black Warrior Review, Prairie Schooner, Great River Review, The Iowa Review, and North American Review, as well as recent or forthcoming issues of Tiferet, Tar River Poetry, One, Quiddity, Spillway, Kentucky Review, Commonweal, and America, among others.



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