Caleb J. Oakes


Frown For Me


My burnt heart thumps

for you tonight, like the boot stomp

of a vagrant, waiting at the door of the only house

he believes

he has a right to enter.


I cannot say that I have been

to hell. There were no signs,

and no photographs. I staggered through

rows of grey months and unpleasant people.

Whatever we may call that.

Death roosted nearby and hunted

small things in my mind, at dusk.


Perhaps here I pass through the customs booth

at the border of hell –

cold house silence deep in a night

without you. Memories, two years

worth of memories to declare, all sharing

your presence as the common thread.

You are the north pole of sadness.

In the water, over Greenland,

magnetic, abandoned, wet and abysmal black,

colder than any word, wincing at the shadow

of every white whale drifting overhead,

cutting the frozen light.

Caleb J. Oakes lives in Central Ohio, and is slightly uncooperative when it comes to talking about himself. He has a B.A. in creative writing from some university. How typical. He is unwilling to go any further in his formal studies because he believes that education is becoming far too industrialized. But that is just his opinion. Most days he looks for a bit of sunshine to sit in as he reads, or a bit of music to jam as he lifts weights in the garage. There's not much to tell. He prefers to be underestimated; appearing as a billow of smoke when he is actually the fire.



Deep Water Literary Journal

2015 - Issue 2 - August





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