Edward Ahern


Leaf Fall


On still days past a frost

leaves drop in dainty swirls,

curled in fatal fetal posture

and clothed in stripper’s dress.

Each alone in silent parting

ignores its dormant parent

and the fall of brethren,

in post mortem passage

without burial.






Edward Ahern resumed writing after forty odd years in foreign intelligence and international sales. He lives in Connecticut with his original wife, but advises that after forty-nine years they are both out of warranty. Ed's had a hundred and forty poems and stories published so far, and three books. His collected fantasy stories, Capricious Visions, was published by Gnome on Pig Press in September 2016. About twenty of his poems and stories are available for free reading at Bewilderingstories.com, where Ed is a review editor and board member.