Olin Wish




Heartache at a nine to five job can’t be overstated

My stride is impeccable, my cadence rehearsed, my condition: Irreversible


Every year more travelers hop on the interstate

Commuting to work

Without a break down lane, more seal their fate

More swerve to avoid it, more slam on the brakes


Hope is a chance at the lottery

Where the lazy river carves a donut in Heaven


Little known winners in nondescript pueblos battle endless winters without heat

While cream puff physiques fondle home row agendas

And each day another pack of travelers sets out for the head waters


Redemption is a child who is happy and well fed thanks to the scar tissue

I acquire

Not wetting their bed, not on the welfare


All I had I gave for that, without thinking twice I’d do it again

As long as I had two brain cells to rub together to create a spark

I’d crawl out of the covers in the cold and the dark

Out from under the highway white sheet

Slam my fist on the alarm clock accelerator

Slither from the wreckage with a cup of black coffee in hand

Numb to the fact I’m dead


Numb as a polyp in the bitter chilly water where surface debris settles

In a lightless environment on the intestinal interstate


By the only active thermal vent

You’ll see me warming my hands at the ass end of eternity

If the thing offers federal benefits

So that my daughter gets braces

And when the hail falls she doesn’t receive a concussion


When shit gets thick, she knows I am the paint thinner

Walls may be benign white or off colored grey

But the color blind blood is sure spread evenly

And the ceiling doesn’t leak


Because I am daddy and that is my job

Will she know that I love her in the summer time when the house doesn’t swelter?

For the medication washed down with my sweat

Will there be reverence during the effect?






Olin Wish is a student of psychology and full time breadwinner. He holds a day job that puts him in close proximity to the criminally insane. His favorite hobbies include comic books, haunting used book stores, and trying to avoid a violent stabbing death. Olin currently resides in Colorado with his wife and three children.