Laurinda Lind


Pecking Order


The poet's eyes went

scalded bitter as he fired

forth and after wary while

he waited stoic as a scar

when we circled pecking,

saying. He's still fighting

death, is how he lives. I

was one cormorant but


should have known better

though at last he took his

eyes and nouns away and

we fell backward into night.

He survives himself over

and over. The only voice

that goes as loud as death

is the one that crows alone.






Laurinda Lind lives in the U.S. within seven miles of thirteen lakes and one long river (the St. Lawrence) in New York State's North Country. She has had two go-arounds with poetry, separated by an ocean of silence. Poetry acceptances/publications the first time around include Abbey, Afterthoughts, Black River Review, Chiron Review, Cokefish, Cold Mountain Review, Comstock Review, Ellipsis, 5th Gear, Green's Mag, Indefinite Space, Insomnia & Poetry, Lake Ontario Log, Lucid Moon, Lucidity, Many Waters, Mind in Motion, Mobius, Muse of Fire, Pegasus Review, Pen and Ink, Poetalk, Poetry Motel, Poet's Market, Snake River Reflections, Tickled by Thunder, Touchstone, Trestle Creek Review, and The World's Too Heavy Press. On this side of the silent sea, acceptances/publications include Antithesis Journal, Ascent, Barbaric Yawp, Brushfire, Communion, Constellations, Dime Show Review, Earthen Lamp Journal, Emanations, Far Off Places, Forage Poetry Forum, Grief: A Life in 5 Stages, Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, Indigo Lit, Liminality, Midnight Circus, Moonsick, Mudfish, Off the Coast, Origins, Passager, Paterson Literary Review, Plum Tree Tavern, Ship of Fools, Silver Birch Press, Sonic Boom, Timeless Tales, Triggerfish, Uproot, Veil and Welter.