Michele Seminara




Things are black indeed.

No! I do not wish to come.

Let the insides and the outsides rise to meet—


Shrouds of rain asphyxiate

the enshrined breath which animates.

The thunder foretells, we must be undone.


Minds twist in a tumult; sufferings compound.

Memories turn but do not liberate.


While I sit sober, still, still, and will

not yield to stir—

This clarity has been too starkly won.






Michele Seminara is a poet, editor, critic and yoga teacher from Sydney. Her writing has appeared in many online and print publications, and her first poetry collection, Engraft, was recently published by Island Press (2016). Michele is also the managing editor of online creative arts journal Verity La. She blogs at TheEverydayStrange and is on Twitter @SeminaraMichele.