Matthew Moynihan


The Stars Have Gone to Sleep


The stars have gone to sleep

And the howl of famished dogs

Has ceased. Soldiers of the

Mind have been discharged.


There is an empty tray of tablets

On a bedside locker and

Vomit on the sheets.


There is a note

And blood stained walls.


There is the body of a

Young man sprawled across

A mattress.


There is evidence that the

Cold war has ended

And there has been no winner.


There are consolatory

Pats-on-back and love-filled

Anecdotes in the kitchen.


There is a wooden box

And by its side a loving Mother

Whose spirit is quenched.


There are shovels of wet clay.

And gone with them


Any hope of explanation.






Matthew Moynihan is a poet and writer living in Cork City in the Republic of Ireland. He has previously been published in Brain of Forgetting, Stanzas, Silver Apples Magazine, Increature, and the Ó Bhéal 5-Word Anthology. Matthew is also a Director/Founder of Spotlight Poetry in Cork and has performed his work as a guest reader at the Psoken Wrod, 96/1 and the Quarter Park Party.