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Each month, the work of a featured Deep Water alumnus will appear here.

    Our first featured Soundings creative is the poet Anne Casey, whose poem: Patina

         appeared in DWLJ 2017-Issue 1-February. You can see and hear Anne recite her poem here.


About Anne Casey


Anne Casey is a writer, poet and lyricist. Her poems have been published in The Irish Times, Into the Void Magazine, Deep Water Literary Journal, Tales from the Forest, Luminous Echoes: A Poetry Anthology, The Remembered Arts Journal, Dodging the Rain, Visual Verse: An Anthology of Art and Words and Thank You For Swallowing, among others.


Her debut poetry collection will be published by Salmon Poetry in mid-2017.


Anne passionately believes that every poem, like all art, should leave you changed by the experience.


Anne has worked as a business journalist, magazine editor, corporate and government communications director, author and editor. A native of County Clare in Ireland, she now lives in Australia. Anne holds a Law degree and qualifications in Communications.






I feel them everywhere

The ones who left


The thin boy shivering

In the dark cupboard upstairs

When I reach

To put away the towels


The strange fruit swinging

Inside the wardrobe I avoid

That wasn't even there

When they came


They find me

In dark places

Slipping in

Seeking out


The bride in anglaise lace

All aglow at the altar

Who followed me home

To show her blooming bruises


And her crushed throat

Such small hands

So white and hopeful

Wanting to be touched


Gently yearning for a soul to see them

For who they would have been

I feel them everywhere

The ones who left


A piece of themselves behind

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